Can you learn to be a high performance managerial leader? Tjipcast 105 with André de Waal (English)

The research of André de Waal clearly shows that for an organization to perform at the highest level, the key is management. In this podcast we talk about high performance managerial leadership. We discuss De Waal’s High Performance Framework and the role that managers can play in transforming an organization in a high performance organization. We discuss five principes:

1. Future oriented and steadfast and disciplined

2. Informing, communicating and dialoguing & fast decision making and action-taking

3. Improving self and others & high performance in daily life

4. Externally and internally oriented

5. Creative improvement and fact based.

You can also check out the conversation at YouTube:

For Dutch listeners, you can check out the books of André de Waal at the online bookshelf!